"Peregine's daily communication ensured that there were no surprises in our midstream project, as well as in achieving our desired due date."

Why Choose Peregrine?

We understand the natural gas industry from exploration to installation to operations to marketing. In fact, members of our team have producing experience and care about every aspect of the project. Our top tier associates are skilled in accurately assessing capital needs, equipment, installation, legal, environmental and operational components required for your system.

Hands-on Involvement

From our first meeting with you until the completion of your project, Peregrine will provide personalized service and attention to detail that is difficult to find in the energy industry today. You will not be just a "project number" in a vast corporate system. A knowledgeable, dedicated Peregrine team will closely integrate with your personnel to expedite the entire project.

Relationships Matter Most

At Peregrine, relationships are of utmost importance. We believe in building lasting associations with our customers, suppliers and contractors - and our projects are more successful because of our commitment to putting people first.

Best Value for Your Investment

The Peregrine team dedicates itself to doing things right the first time. We will work closely with your team leaders to ensure that we understand not only what needs to be done in your project, but also what does not need to be done. Peregrine offers the finest value possible in all aspects of your pipeline project. We have a track record of bringing to the table some of the best gas compression and transportation pricing in the industry.

Dependable Service

Peregrine Pipeline operations are known throughout the midstream community for attentive service, consistent run time and quick well connects. Customers trust our proficiency and ability to deliver on projects as well as our commitment to safety and compliance. Many Peregrine clients return to us beyond the completion of their initial project, to facilitate their ongoing needs in the field.

Environmentally Conscious

We ensure that our midstream projects are completed with precision and care, so that we may restore the surrounding environment to its original state in the timeliest manner achievable.